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The FinTech Lab located at NUS School of Computing is an experiential learning
lab with a vision to transform our daily lives, safely with FinTech.

Welcome to the
NUS Fintech Lab
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FinTech Lab

Welcome to the NUS FinTech Lab

We are here to show that FinTech is not rocket science.
With our experiential learning, we are creating an
environment where everyone can touch, feel, and
apply FinTech, and truly understand its potential
at the tip of their fingers.

Mission and Vision

“To transform our daily lives, safely, through FinTech”. Our Mission is to Educate the Ecosystem: Regulators, Lawyers, Corporates, Innovators Move FinTech projects from Proof Of Concepts (POCs) to Enterprise Develop an NUS open source library, to engage globally. Our Vision is to transform our daily lives, safely, through FinTech.

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Our Experts

FinTech Advisory Board

Our Experts

NUS School of Computing's Dean Message
“As digitisation becomes an essential anchor for our economy, it is crucial to provide companies with a foundation – including knowledge, experience and resources – for future-ready talent and enterprises to truly succeed. The NUS FinTech Lab is at the forefront of this mission to join forces across the industry, and provide the best collective intelligence and tools for everyone to navigate the digital future.”
Professor Mohan Kankanhalli Dean of NUS School of Computing and Chairman of the FinTech Lab Advisory Board

Upcoming Events

19 Jul , 2021
27 Jul , 2021
11 am - 11 pm
12 Aug , 2021
12 am - 12 am
14 Aug , 2021
15 Aug , 2021
12 am - 12 am
25 Sep , 2021
15 Oct , 2021
23 Oct , 2021
08 Nov , 2021
04 Dec , 2021
In the News

How organisations can achieve digital transformation successfully from Singapore’s first CIO

For organisations to stay relevant in the digital age, leveraging digital technology becomes essential. This means that the role of a Chief Information Officer or CIO is now more critical than ever. Alex Siow, Professor, School of Computing, National University of Singapore shares his experience as Singapore’s first CIO and share tips on how organisations can achieve digital transformation successfully.

MoneyFM89.3 invited Prof Alex Siow to talk about digital disruption and how organizations can achieve digital transformation successfully, The discussion also touched on how IT professionals can help SMEs become digital.


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Sea makes transformative $50 million gift to NUS Computing

“We are both homegrown and headquartered in Singapore. We see ourselves as talent-focused organisations. We also share similar ambitions: both NUS and Sea aim to shape the future in our respective ways, to change lives for the better,” said Prof Tan.

“Sea exemplifies the spirit that we hope to see in Singapore, and in all of NUS’ start-ups: that you pay it forward. By giving back to the community that nurtured and supported you in your path to success, you are enabling others. We applaud Sea for setting this exemplary example for the corporate sector, and we hope to see more companies coming forward to support NUS and the education sector in impactful and meaningful ways.”

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We are proud and thrilled to share the latest release of University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) Podcast with the title All About Blockchain. An educational initiative by our major sponsor Ripple, these podcast series highlight their global scholars’ adaptive research and applications being built on blockchain.

The first few episodes dive into blockchain for good, featuring academics using blockchain technology to solve real challenges found in the healthcare, energy and livestock agriculture sectors.

Starting with the Singapore FinTech Festival, The NUS FinTech Lab, in partnership with Endowus, Grab Finance, The Fifth Person, and Seedly, will be launching financial literacy at hawker centers with a goal of reaching out to people of all walks of life.

Associate Professor (Practice) Keith B. Carter, Director of the NUS FinTech Lab, explains: “The programme aims to empower those with little to no financial literacy, equipping them with the basic knowledge required to make sound judgments from budgeting to investing, all the way to retirement. For those who are already equipped with financial know-how as well as an interest in fintech, the programme will provide training and mentorship with partners like Endowus, to accelerate the acquisition of expertise and encourage careers in fintech.”

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The blockchain ecosystem thrives on a sense of community, and we’re excited to share our latest partnership with NUS FinTech Lab. The opportunity to engage with and in turn enrich the journey of students and graduates from a recognized education institution of caliber is one of the many ways we hope to nurture the next generation of talent, a vision we are proud to share with the lab. Singapore is one of the core innovation hubs in Asia, and being future-ready will allow us to truly embrace the digital economy and succeed in this age.

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洪梓颖: 新心相连助我看见梦想

新加坡国立大学应届毕业生洪梓颖持有工商管理文凭,但她却想踏入金融科技领域,因此决定在毕业后参加强化课程提升自己,如今通过“新心相连”毕业生实习计划(SGUnited Traineeship Programme),在本地一家银行的金融科技部门担任培训生。

国大商学院工商管理毕业生洪梓颖(26岁)毕业后梦想在金融科技领域工作,但却缺乏相关的学业背景和工作经验,所以在毕业后决定参加国大新开办的国大—新加坡金融科技计划(NUS-FinTechSG Programme)。



Extracted from https://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20200920-1086264

This article highlights the different path to getting a job in the Singapore FinTech Industry. This can include getting good grades, having multiple internships or securing a graduate training programme. If you are currently a student and is looking into venturing into the FinTech Industry, click on the link below to understand more about the topic mention.

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Just two months ago, Mr Na Yi Rong had little to no knowledge of Financial Technology (FinTech). The Engineering Science graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS) is now working full time as a product management lead at a local FinTech start-up, after receiving the job offer when he was participating in the NUS-FinTechSG Programme. Jointly developed by the NUS FinTech Lab and Strategic Technology Management Institute (STMI), the programme was launched on 6 July 2020 to nurture Singapore’s next generation of FinTech talents and full stack developers.

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The NUS FinTech Lab has done a study about Singapore’s government funding avaiable for MNCs, SMEs and Professionals. To find out more, click on the “Read more” button below.

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The NUS School of Computing launched the NUS-FinTechSG Programme on 6 July 2020. Offered by the NUS FinTech Lab and Strategic Technology Management Institute (STMI), this new programme aims to nurture Singapore’s next generation of Financial Technology (FinTech) talents and full stack developers. Students will also learn about front-end and back-end development, cloud systems, blockchain, and algorithmic trading.

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National University of Singapore (NUS) has launched a two-month crash course to teach students and mid-career changers. Graduands of the course will have opportunities to put their skills to use in partner companies such as UBS, Razer and Bank of Singapore, and may eventually land jobs there. The NUS-FinTechSG programme, which will be conducted online, was recently conceived by the NUS FinTech Lab and the Strategic Technology Management Institute after students shared stories of internships being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS Computing) and Ripple, a provider of leading enterprise solutions for global payments, today announced the launch of the NUS FinTech Lab, established with the objective to fuel the growth of Singapore’s FinTech sector.

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