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Welcome to the NUS Fintech Lab

The FinTech Lab located at NUS School of Computing
is an experiential learning lab with a vision to transform
our daily lives, safely with FinTech.

Welcome to the NUS FinTech Lab

The FinTech Lab located at NUS School of Computing
is an experiential learning lab with a vision to transform
our daily lives, safely with FinTech.

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NUS FinTech Lab

Welcome to the NUS FinTech Lab

We are here to show that FinTech is not rocket science.
With our experiential learning, we are creating an
environment where everyone can touch, feel, and
apply FinTech, and truly understand its potential
at the tip of their fingers.

Mission and Vision

“To transform our daily lives, safely, through FinTech”. Our Mission is to Educate the Ecosystem: Regulators, Lawyers, Corporates, Innovators Move FinTech projects from Proof Of Concepts (POCs) to Enterprise Develop an NUS open source library, to engage globally. Our Vision is to transform our daily lives, safely, through FinTech.

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Our Experts

NUS FinTech Lab Advisory Board

Our Experts

NUS School of Computing's Dean Message
“As digitisation becomes an essential anchor for our economy, it is crucial to provide companies with a foundation – including knowledge, experience and resources – for future-ready talent and enterprises to truly succeed. The NUS FinTech Lab is at the forefront of this mission to join forces across the industry, and provide the best collective intelligence and tools for everyone to navigate the digital future.”
Professor Mohan Kankanhalli Dean of NUS School of Computing and Chairman of the FinTech Lab Advisory Board

Upcoming Events

Digital Bank copy

FinTech Community: Digital Banking Webinar

Date: 4 December 2021

As the last part of our FinTech Community Webinar series, we will be touching on what services to expect in digital banking.

Launch NUS fintech

Launch of SoC COM3

Date: April 2022

NUS FinTech Lab will be part of the exciting launch of the long-awaited School of Computing COM 3@Imagination Ridge building, which is built to serve as a hub to foster collaboration and innovation.

Launch NUS fintech

Launch of NUS FinTech Lab

In the News

Top Blockchain University: National University of Singapore


“The National University of Singapore (NUS) provides a variety of blockchain and crypto-related courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as programs for continuing education. Course titles include “Blockchain Engineering” and “AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.”

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Collaboration between NUS and Stellar Development Foundation

The National University of Singapore (NUS) FinTech Lab and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), a non-profit organisation that supports growing the open-source Stellar network, agreed to work on financial technology (FinTech) educational initiatives.

Supported by a generous gift from the Stellar Next-Gen program, the partnership will explore using blockchain and digital currencies to address societal challenges.

We are excited to collaborate with the NUS FinTech Lab on this opportunity to advance blockchain education and innovation in Singapore,” said Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation. “The NUS FinTech Lab provides excellent resources for both industry practitioners and aspiring entrepreneurs, and working with them will give a new crop of students a chance to develop on Stellar and build the future of finance.”

“Digitisation is essential for enterprises to succeed, and it is crucial to provide companies with a foundation of talented people who have domain knowledge and experiences.” said Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean of NUS School of Computing and Chairman of the NUS FinTech Lab Advisory Board.

“We provide experiential learning, and donations like this go toward inspiring mid-career professionals and fresh graduates to start exciting careers in FinTech,” said Associate Professor (Practice) Keith B. Carter, Director of the NUS FinTech Lab.


Find out more about Stellar Development Foundation

The Stellar Development Foundation Launches Initiative to Accelerate Blockchain Education

Today, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced the launch of Stellar Next-Gen, an initiative to foster the growth and development of tomorrow’s business leaders and developers. SDF will collaborate with universities and other educational institutions worldwide to support and promote efforts that further SDF’s mission to create equitable access to the global financial system.

Stellar Next-Gen will support top academic programs and organizations such as Blockchain at Berkeley, University College of London’s Centre of Blockchain Technologies, and the National University of Singapore’s Fintech Lab.


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Find out more about Stellar Next-Gen

New NUS Digital Transformation Course to Enhance Digital Skills of Toyama Prefecture Government Employees

A customised 10-week course covering digital transformation designed by NUS will soon equip employees of the Toyama Prefecture government in Japan with critical skills to play a larger role in digital transformation and FinTech.

The online programme, called Japan Go Digital!, was developed jointly by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and NUS FinTech Lab for the Toyama Prefecture government, in coordination with the Governor of Toyama Prefecture, Mr Hachiro Nitta. It is taught by Associate Professor (Practice) Keith B. Carter from NUS Computing’s Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) Centre, Adjunct Professor Kotaro Tamura from the Executive Education arm of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) , and other distinguished guest lecturers.



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FEATURE-Salaries to remittances: Afghans embrace crypto amid financial chaos

Oct 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When Roya Mahboob began paying her staff and freelancers in Afghanistan in bitcoin nearly 10 years ago, little did she know that for some of these women the digital currency would be their ticket out of the country after the fall of Kabul in August.

Mahboob, a founder of the non-profit Digital Citizen Fund along with her sister, taught thousands of girls and women basic computer skills in their centres in Herat and Kabul. Women also wrote blogs and made videos for which they were paid in cash.


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NUS Computing Professors Win Annual Digital Education and Annual Teaching Excellence Awards

Assistant Professor Harold Soh, along with Associate Professors Keith Carter, Heng Cheng Suang and Tan Wee Kek won the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA), while Associate Professor Martin Henz and his team jointly won the Annual Digital Education Award (ADEA).

The ATEA recognises faculty members who have adopted good teaching practices, in areas such as instruction, educational design, and assessment, while the ADEA is awarded to those who have developed innovative ways to incorporate technology into teaching.



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‘Tech-lite’ Roles in ICT Sector Also Need to be Filled: Josephine Teo

Associate Professor Keith Carter, from the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing, said the common misconception is that it is hard to get into the technology sector.

People who are interested to get into the sector should think about how their background can help them to succeed in this sector. “We need everyone,” he added.


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