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The Problem NUS FinTech Lab Helps Solve

At present, FinTech is heavily integrated into every facet of our society. However, we still witness hesitation from individuals and businesses when facing FinTech, stemming from the belief that digital transformation is complex.

The NUS FinTech Lab 3-Dimensional Solution

Thought Leadership

Convene industry players, policy makers, regulators and academia to facilitate conversations to tackle FinTech’s most challenging problems

Innovation Support

Create elegant FinTech solutions with emerging technologies


Equip the leaders of tomorrow’s technology with future-ready skill sets

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NUS School of Computing's Dean Message
“As digitisation becomes an essential anchor for our economy, it is crucial to provide companies with a foundation – including knowledge, experience and resources – for future-ready talent and enterprises to truly succeed. The NUS FinTech Lab is at the forefront of this mission to join forces across the industry, and provide the best collective intelligence and tools for everyone to navigate the digital future.”
Professor Mohan Kankanhalli (Dean of NUS School of Computing and Chairman of the FinTech Lab Advisory Board)

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Launch of SoC COM3

Talent Pavilion SG FinTech Festival

Launch of NUS FinTech Lab

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Hosting the Director of United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel (UNISS)

Age is no barrier to lifelong learning

Raising awareness on the evolving metaverse and NFT space

NUS School of Computing’s Fintech Society is driving education and innovation in the blockchain and Fintech space

Raising Financial Literacy through collaborations with industry leaders and community centres

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Stellar Campus Expert Programme 

Stellar Quest Initiative

Star Smart Nation Ambassadors of 2021

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