Singapore FinTech Festival 2020


It is never too late to improve your financial literacy.


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How to Improve Your Finance Literacy

Ever wonder how you can kickstart your financial literacy journey?

Below are the 3 ways that you can improve your financial literacy.

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Talks to Webinar, Workshop & Career Opportunity

Talent Pavilion (TP), organised by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is a one-stop-shop for jobs and skills focusing on Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), career switchers, students and fresh graduates to meet their talent-related needs.

TP is a tripartite partnership involving government agencies, labour movement, institutes of higher learning and industry collaborating to reimagine and redefine the future of work. NUS FinTech Lab is proud to be one of the collaborating partners.

Explore and find out what’s in for you at TP and SFF 2020 this week.


Financial Knowledge 101

Not sure where to start on building your financial literacy knowledge? Here are some useful guidances from Seedly targeting youngsters and adults. In addition, you can visit The Fifth Person for more investment tips and information.

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Additional Resources

Apprehensive of making the right financial decisions? Why not give a try on our save save project to manage your finance?  Do also visit our course website as well as NUS SCALE and NUS STMI. In addition, our partner Endowus provides a library of insightful resources ranging from in-depth articles to interactive webinars.

Collaborating Partners

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