Scam Impersonating NUS FinTech Lab

Scam: Fake Social Media Channel and Cryptocurrency Tokens

Fake Social Media Accounts:

We have encountered dubious telegram and Twitter accounts impersonating NUS FinTech Lab as listed below:



Fake Telegram channel

Fintech Lab has reported on Telegram and Twitter to block the fictitious account. Users are advised to be mindful of such bogus accounts. 

Fake NUS Tokens:

A Scam group have created fake NUS token on the Binance Chain and are promoting the tokens on a fake telegram account and fake website. They are using the NUS logo and a fake Twitter account with the tag @nus_lab and the name NUS FinTech Lab to promote it.

This type of scam is called a Rug Pull Scam. Also referred to as exit scams, the scammers generate a new Token and create hype around it through marketing tactics, mostly via Twitter and Telegram. They list it on Decentralised exchanges and sell it as soon as it goes live.

The project is merely a clone of a sample smart contract generation code provided by Binance for smart Contract Generation. The fictitious tokens and the holders of those tokens can be found in Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Scan using the token Address

Addresses of the token holders and the quantity they hold can be found in the BSC scan under the tab “Holders.”

Fake Website:

The attackers have also created a fake website under the name of NUS Fintech Lab to promote the tokens. 

It is an Impersonation scam and we would like to make it clear that this website does not belong to NUS FinTech Lab. 

We have reported this matter to the Singapore police, who are currently investigating this. We have also conducted a review of our IT systems and can confirm that our systems have not been compromised. We want to make sure that our students and partners are aware of this situation and to reassure you that we are taking all necessary steps to address it. 

Our official website is

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