e-Speed Interview for Graduating

NUS FinTech SG Trainees

(27th May 2021)

Sign ups closed as of 24th May 2021



Company Profile

We apply AI to wealth management

Positions Available

Key Responsibilities:

– Market and develop financial models using quantitative methods including machine learning.

Candidate’s Requirements:

– Strong Python proficiency,
– Communication and data analytics skills are needed.
– Focus on talent and originality over routine work.
– Can be full-time, part-time or interns

Our concept of wealth management is about ecosystems covering the key needs to save, protect, care and live well.

Key Responsibilities:

– You will inform, educate, excite and convert those who hold outdated investment products to digital wealth management solutions powered by data and AI techniques.

Candidate’s Requirements:

– An outgoing personality with a passion to improve lives and help clients embrace technology.
– Learn independently
– Be intellectually curious
– Have a strong interest in investing and wellness
– Able to adapt to working arrangements that can be flexible and tailored to your talent, experience and skillset.
– Language writing and speaking skills in English and others, e.g., Mandarin, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Myanmar, Thai will be advantageous.

To better prepare yourself for this job, we have courses available at NUS FinTech SG.

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