インフォメーションセッション      (2021 年 10 月 14 日、3-5PM)への登録

ステップ2:FinTech SGプログラムにより提供される修了証とトレーニーとしての就業機会(任意)の確認

2021 年 10 月 14 日(3-5pm)のプログラムとインタビューへの登録


Students who enrol in the NUS-FinTechSG Programme will undergo a structured two-month intensive full-time course on the fundamentals of FinTech and business, subsequent programming concepts, as well as knowledge and development tools used in the FinTech industry. They can apply for a optional full-time traineeship of between nine to 12 months with leading financial institutions and companies such as UBS, Razer, and Bank of Singapore, which are expected to offer career paths based on merit.



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  • フィンテック業界でのプロフェッショナルの修了証と任意でのトレーニーとしての就業機会が得られる
  • ニーズの高いフィンテック関連スキルを、NUSとの2ヶ月の集中フルタイムコースで得られる
  • 9−12ヶ月のフルタイムのトレーニーとしての機会を有力な金融機関やフィンテック企業で得られる
  • 全額の資金援助(注:当該資格のある学生に限る)


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「テクノロジーのバックグラウンドが無かったものの、NUS FinTech SGプログラムに参加する機会が得られ、今日のテクノロジーの重要性の高い社会で求められる金融知識とテクノロジーのスキルを獲得する事が出来、大変にワクワクしました。今日の変化し続ける前例のない状況において、変化に適応し、フレキシブルに対応し、変化を歓迎する事は非常に重要な事であると感じており、このプログラムが我々皆のキャリア形成の推進に役立つであろう事を確信しています。」
Tan Jue Ling シンガポール国立大学 コミュニケーション&ニューメディア学科(2020)、NUS FinTech SGプログラム トレイニー
Shaun Han シンガポール国立大学 コミュニケーション&ニューメディア学科(2020)、NUS FinTech SGプログラム トレイニー
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Muhammad Ismail シンガポール国立大学 機械工学修士(2020年)、NUS FinTech SGプログラム トレイニー


Alex Siow教授 STMIディレクター
「GrabからShopeeまで、私たちは毎日のようにFinTechを駆使したプラットフォームを利用しています。しかし、フィンテックは遠い存在のように感じられ、多くの人がその世界に飛び込んで学ぶことを躊躇しています。だからこそ、NUS FinTechSGプログラムは、芸術、エンジニアリング、観光、交通、小売などのバックグラウンドを問わず、FinTechを身近なものにするために独自にデザインされています。このプログラムは、実用的で親しみやすい方法で設計されており、銀行・金融分野の2,000件以上の求人に応募するために必要なスキルを誰もが身につけることができます。」
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「UBSにとり、イノベーションとデジタル化は重要な戦略的優先事項です。シンガポールは、当社のグローバル・ウェルスマネジメント、インベストメントバンク、アセットマネジメントの各事業にとり重要な場所であるとともに、当地域のUBS Evolve Innovation Centerの拠点でもあります。UBSは、FinTechSGとの協業により、シンガポールのイノベーションのアイデア、スタートアップ企業、テクノロジー企業、そして金融サービスセクターの将来をサポートできることを嬉しく思います。」
James Aylen UBS イノベーション部門長
Lee Li Meng Razer社 チーフストラテジーオフィサー兼Razer Fintech社CEO


詳細にご興味のある方は、是非NUS FintechSGプログラムのインフォメーションセッションに参加頂けると幸いです。

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Tech Talk – The Hype versus Reality of the Impact of FinTech on Law

NUS FinTechSG Information Session on 17 Sept 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The NUS FinTechSG Programme is a optional traineeship* program designed to enhance the competitiveness of the Singapore FinTech Industry. The program is jointly developed by National University Singapore (NUS) School of Computing (SoC) and AI Singapore, in consultation with experts in innovation and FinTech from UBS Bank, RIPPLE, World Economic Forum, Bank of New York Mellon (Fees may apply).

(*Note: Do note that our Programme don't commit any placement in a Traineeship company.)

The program structure by concept is as indicated below.

Data and Artificial Intelligence Literacy - 1 Month

  • Making Fast Decisions with Business Analytics
  • Optimizing Customers Experience with FinTech Strategy
  • Using Business Analytics to Answer Business Questions
  • Fundamentals of Investing Leveraging Technology

NUS/Industry - 2 week

WHY: FinTech, Blockchain and Business Basics

  • Concepts, Cases and Technology Comparison
  • Hands on Technology Comparison
  • Tools Selection for the Problem Statement
  • Design Thinking

NUS - 7 weeks

HOW: Programming and Development

SOC Executive Education

  • Exploration of Projects
  • Project Management Tools (Jira, Confluence)
  • Foundations of Finance and IT
  • Financial Products Understanding Risk


  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Frontend and Backend
  • APIs & RPA Automation
  • Database, Network, Blockchain Tools
  • Security and DevOps
  • Algo Trading

Partner Companies - 6 months

WHAT: Traineeship (Optional*)

  • Min. 6 Month internship with Partner Companies on predefined Project
  • Provide hands-on practice and development of Blockchain
  • Monthly Traineeship stipend by the sponsored companies
  • Capstone projects Real life exposure working with corporates and governments
  • Encourage Partner Companies to offer conversion on completion

There are a total of 9 roles available. The general description of each roles are as follows:

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • Database Engineer
  • Graphic Designer UI/UX
  • Automation Engineer
  • Quality Lead
  • Adoption/ Change Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst

During the current COVID-19 situation, courses will be conducted virtually. The traineeship mode will be further decided by the hosting company.

All are welcome to sign up for the NUS FinTechSG Programme. However, priority will be given to 2020 and 2021 graduates who have been affected by the Covid-19 situation.

Yes, everyone is welcomed. Funding is available for local Singaporeans and PR only. International students are welcomed to join the program as well. For further clarification on the funding eligibility for international students, please write in to fintech@comp.nus.edu.sg.

We've made the course to be very hands on and ideally, someone with a full-time job can work with their employer to:

  1. The first 4 weeks will be taken to learn about Data and Artificial Intelligence Literacy
  2. Take 2 weeks at the beginning of the course for the immersion portion. This is critical to learn "WHY" Fintech and connect into the FinTech ecosystem
  3. For the rest of the course work out that you can take 2 or 3 days per week for class (perhaps adjust work hours)
  4. Discuss how you can apply your learning to your work

Through the program, you will be able to:

  • Attain professional certification in FinTech
  • Optional Traineeship, subjected to sponsored companies' approval of roles/ openings

Moreover, the program will be fully funded for NUS students graduating in 2021 (For eligible students).

If you are interested in the program, you can click here to sign up for the program.

Withdrawals will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In the event where you have secured full time employment with another organization while in the course of pursuing this Programme with us, you are to notify us and the hosting company at least 14 days in advance prior to withdrawing from this Programme. Unless otherwise agreed, there will be no refund for Programme fees and other ancillary fees paid. Virtual vouchers under the NUS RGI utilised for this Programme shall be deemed to have been consumed. If the withdrawal is prior to the commencement of the Programme, the application for use of SkillsFuture Credit can be cancelled.

Subjected to sponsor companies' availability for roles and openings. We will match the trainees to our partnering companies upon completion of the programme. If a trainee receives multiple offers from different companies, the trainee will be able to select their ideal company based on their preferences.

If you secure a job before completing all 3 of the professional certificate, the unused virtual voucher will be returned to you so that you can further your knowledge in the future.

For further enquiries about our program, please contact us at fintech@comp.nus.edu.sg.

FinTech Lab Info Session

Fresh Graduate (2019 /  2020)

(Find out more on 1 Oct 2020, 3.00pm)

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Mid Career

(Find out more on 2 Oct 2020, 3.00pm)

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