8 November 2021 10:00am – 11:00am


Introduction to Investment and Algo Trading

Shashank Shekhar

Senior Software Engineer
NUS FinTech Lab

Assoc. Prof. Keith Carter

NUS FinTech Lab


Do your emotions get the better of you during your trades? Or ever wondered if there was any strategy out there that could systematically game the market? Join us in our introduction to investment and algorithmic trading to find out more!

Shashank is a Senior Software Engineer at the NUS FinTech Lab. Shashank received his Masters in Business Analytics (Financial and Risk Analytics) from the National University of Singapore. Prior to his current position, he worked with Reliance Industries Ltd and its joint ventures with Carrizo, Chevron and British Petroleum for various Oil & Gas fields. He has 10+ years of industry experience in Corporate Finance and Forecasting using analytical models and simulation. He has a huge interest in financial markets, blockchain technologies and data analytics. He researches extensively to design, develop and test strategies for algo-trading utilizing Machine learning, Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis. He is an experienced trainer and consultant in Data Visualisation, Robotic Process Automation and Algotrading.