Transforming a company from Old School to New Digital

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In this webinar, Assoc Prof Keith Carter of NUS, School of Computing together with Mr Ng Tiong Gee, Executive Education Fellow, Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), NUS will be discussing the following:


• This is a time when it is easier to start a company than ever before, why aren’t more people doing that as the pioneer generation did?


• It is easier to compete internationally, and there is government support, why aren’t there Singapore Unicorns?


• Do you deserve a top job without overseas working experience?


• Tiong Gee transformed from an Engineer to CIO, what is a good transformation for you?


• A lot of 30-60 years old got stuck in dead-end jobs and now are struggling. How can this be avoided and what can be done to bring hope in a time of need?



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