SGUS NUS FinTech SG Programme Project Showcase

This project showcase is virtual exhibition for the 1st and 2nd batches of the NUS FinTech SG (SGUS) graduates.

We are very proud that our students have come to this point to showcase all they have learnt. Industry partners and speakers will attend this showcase to get the chance to know who their next hire would be and what potential business idea they might want to support.

Benefits of attending the project showcase:

1. Experiential learning prepares our PMET participants for the latest technology adopted in banking and financial institutions where they get to experience the creation, design and building of prototypes as part of the modular mini projects assessment.
2. The projects they complete would provide strong evidence for their employers and bring the skills to life.
3. It would also provide strong justification to employers to hire them based on their demonstrated capability and knowledge.

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