Lifestyle Series Talk – Discover the New Opportunities in your Life Today!

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Join Us on 9 March 2020, Monday at 2pm

It will be a 45 minutes session.

You’ll hear from 3 different speakers that shares about shopping experience, financial wealth, love and relationship.

Moderator – Professor Keith Barrett Carter, National University of Singapore



How to enrich your shopping experience – May Ho

Have you ever wondered how to get the product quickly and at a lower price?

Finding love in this messed up world – Meria Johan

Ever finding yourself falling in love and out of love again? Wonder what’s wrong and why is it so hard to find love in this world?

Meria will share on 3 tips on finding love and you’ll move on from there to find your true love.

Create Wealth – Shashank Tripathi

Everyone wants to be wealthy. But, what are the fundamentals of creating wealth? Is investing a successful concept?

Join the conversation with Shashank and know the successful approach for creating wealth in a sustainable way.

Come and hear what we have to share.

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