How do you transform yourself?

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Joelle Choo has achieved her dream of success, conquering a male-dominated industry in the process. From an auditor to a CTO, Joelle continues her passion to help clients achieve impactful business outcomes, using cost effective solutions through Human Capital Transformation via education and Digital/Technology Transformation advisory.


Joelle took a bold step ahead and took over Frenchie Wine Bar before the Covid-19 pandemic. With her finance and data driven decision making skill, Joelle and her team turned around the business despite of the pandemic. Joelle is currently an Executive Education Fellow of Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), NUS.


In this webinar, Assoc Prof Keith Carter of NUS, School of Computing together with Ms Joelle Choo, Executive Education Fellow, Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), NUS will be discussing the following:


• How did you become a CTO from an auditor?


• What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome it?


• All the pioneers had their own companies, what does it take to have your own company?


• Do you think for 35-60 years old, should they stop or keep growing?


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