Future Blockchain Summit

Posted by commj

GENESIS – The region’s first learning event for developers

As Blockchain adoption accelerates the demand for developers has driven up wages.

GENESIS will provide software developers access to certified courses at market beating prices.

Register your interest now for courses in Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and Blockchain Architecture now.

Business Hub

The world’s first one-stop-shop for Blockchain related companies to setup in the region – it provides direct access to Freezones, Legal Firms, Banks, Business Setup Advisors and Incubators.

Application tracks

Get the inside track on real-world use cases and how they’ve been implemented to increases efficiency, make savings and create new products.

  • Token  Economy & Crypto
  • Loyalty
  • Identity
  • Blockchain x AI
  • System Integration /  Interoperability
  • Blockchain x IoT x Big Data
  • Blockchain x  Cybersecurity

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