FinTech Community : Financial Literacy


Here’s what you missed!

The NUS FinTech Lab partnered with the Pioneer Grassroots Organisation and organised an webinar on Financial Literacy. Learn more about financial planning and literacy. We touched on topics such as CPIF, retirement, and how it relates to your current stage of life.

We have esteemed speakers such as:

1) Mr Patrick Tay, the MP of Pioneer CC

2) Mr Yeap Ming Feng, the Head of Marketing for Seedly

3) Mr Samuel Rhee, CEO of Endowus

Here is what you can get out of the webinar:

Young PMETs:

– An introduction to investments

– Gain insights on the different kinds of investments available

– New opportunities in the FinTech market

Mature PMETs:

– Learn more about new trends and skills to invest in

– Find out how you can best plan for your retirement


– Gain insights on financial management

– Learn more about the financial safety nets

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