Actionable Intelligence: Results Amid Uncertainty

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Yesterday, Assoc Prof Keith Carter of NUS, School of Computing spoke on how organisations can create a data-driven culture to harness the big data that companies have and create actionable intelligence to make intelligent business decisions and improve overall performance and productivity. Here is a summary of the key takeaways!


• Collaboration is key, don’t try to do these types of changes on your own. Reach out to the ecosystem and work together with your customers and suppliers.


• Tap into your talent, the Excel jockeys, the IT department and the business leaders to answer the most strategic business questions.


• Try hard try fast and succeed. Make sure to celebrate the quick wins and especially calculate the business value of the answers that you’re getting. It’s always hard to find gold but finding out the value of the business answers is worth gold to your organization.


• Keep your people, this is a time to use automation as a force multiplier to delight your customer and even better ways, upskill your people so they can deliver even more value to your business!


Should you like to hear a more in-depth explanation, here is the link to the full webinar!


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