Standard Chartered Bank

About the Company
Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore is part of a leading international banking group, with a presence in 59 of the world’s most dynamic markets for more than 160 years and serving clients in a further 83. Our purpose is to drive commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity, and our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise, here for good.

The Bank has a history of 163 years in Singapore, where we opened our first branch in 1859. In October 1999, we were among the first international banks to receive a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) licence, an endorsement of the Group’s long-standing commitment to our business in the country.

Singapore is home to the majority of our global business leadership, our technology operations, as well as SC Ventures, our innovation hub. In 2013, the Bank transferred our Singapore Retail and SME businesses to a locally-incorporated subsidiary, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“SCBSL”). And in May 2019, we fully consolidated our business operations in Singapore through the transfer of our Commercial Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking and Private Banking businesses to SCBSL. SCBSL is one of the highest-rated banks globally: A1/Stable by Moody’s Investor Services, A/Stable by Standard & Poor’s and A/Stable by Fitch Ratings. In August 2020, we were the first and only bank to be awarded the Significantly Rooted Foreign Bank (“SRFB”) status by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In December 2020, we were granted enhanced SRFB privileges, in recognition of the significantly higher degree of rootedness exceeding the SRFB baseline criteria.

In Singapore, we support both individual and corporate needs to build wealth and drive commerce at every step of their journey. We do this by offering an entire range of financial services across personal, priority and private banking as well as our business, and corporate, commercial & institutional banking teams. The Bank has a network of 13 branches, including 4 Priority Banking centres, 1 International Banking and Priority Private Centre and 23 ATMs.

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S/N Job Title Job Description
1 Java Analyst Developer Purpose :

Develop a new platform (greenfield project) from source into a single, global, multi-lingual platform. Initial design, coding & functional testing of a mass market educational platform.

JuniorBanking is an application for Retail with a Mobile App of Android and iOS in ReactNative for parent and child engagement on tasks, goals, and financial literacy.  App is being hosted on SCB AWS IaaS in Singapore and Ireland.  All content will be delivered via CDN.  Backend is jHipster springboot java stack


Responsibilities :

  • Creating attractive, responsive, and robust Mobile App and backend stack
  • Hands-on coding, develop high quality code while meeting deadlines
  • Commit code on git, pull requests, commits, merges, resolve conflicts
  • Write SQL queries, create views and define stored procedures
  • Design using of concepts of micro-services, domain driven design
  • Implement with unit tests, integration testing, and test automation
  • Add features, functionality, and extensible integrations
  • Integrate into REST APIs using JSON / XML
  • Roll out mobile app to multiple international and emerging markets
  • Engage with Compliance on content and feature enhancements
  • Coordinate with Security on improvements, bug fixes and updates
  • Work with financial literacy content, localization, and presentation
  • Occasionally design and implementation POCs
  • Working in highly collaborative, fun loving team using Agile methodology

·        Build upon AWS Cloud services, DNS, IP addressing, private networks, APIs, etc

·        Collaborate with product and experience teams to prototype new features and react to user behaviour


  • Robust backend Java App server stack
  • Responsive React-Native Mobile Apps
  • Reliable 3rd party integrations



  • CPBB Retail – Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Compliance


Knowledge & Skills:

  • Experience in Java, Spring Boot, and and Spring Framework
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related web technologies
  • Experienced in libraries and dependency management
  • Familiar with concepts of open-source, frameworks, architecture concepts
  • Experience in designing database, entity-models and entity frameworks
  • Front-end knowledge of Angular JS, JQuery, Bootstrap is beneficial
  • Familiarity with Firebase, push notifications, event processing is helpful
  • Familiarity with CI/CD framework and automated testing is useful
  • Knowledge of software best practices, like Behaviour-Driven-Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Knowledge of web servers and development environments
  • Knowledge of asynchronous messaging middleware is a plus
  • Knowledge of financial products and dashboards is a plus
  • Cloud knowledge a plus (AWS) – (Kubernetes/Docker)
  • Be nice, respectful, able to work in a team