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NUS FinTech SG Trainees

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In May 2021, some of our NUS FinTech SG (SGUS) and NUS FinTech SG graduates gathered virtually for the very first e-Speed Interview event, organised by NUS STMI, NUS FinTech Lab, NUS CFG, and NUS SCALE.

The e-Speed Interview allows our graduates to virtually meet and connect with employers of their choice and to explore roles that suit their interests. The interviewees have to try their best to leave a good first impression on the recruiters to get into further rounds of interviews and ultimately, landing the job.

We are proud to announce that 5 candidates of our e-Speed Interview has been offered a job by our partnering companies!

We are pleased to hear that our graduates have found this event useful for their job search! We wish all our NUS FinTech SG graduates a smooth job hunting journey!

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Our next e-Speed Interview session will be coming up on 15 September 2021 for NUS FinTechSG (SGUS) Batch 3 ,4 and 5 graduates.

Click here to learn more about NUS FinTech SG Programme to upgrade your skill sets today and register for NUS FinTechSG Info Session happening on 29 July 2021 at 2 pm.

Process Flow of e-Speed Interview

Jobs/Roles Graduates are Trained for

Benefits of Joining the e-Speed Interview

  • To meet and connect with employers of your choice
  • To learn what success looks like in each company
  • To explore if there are any other roles/openings that suit your interests

We strongly encourage all of you to network with your peers, instructors and  business leaders.

Partnering Companies